Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Wiring Debacle...

Okay, so much for my wiring going any easier than the stairs!

First I laid out the lines for the tapewire runs. So far all my fixtures are candle sconces, since I'm going for the Victorian look. I laid out lines six inches off the floor for all the sconces. I also laid out lines one inch off the floor for the fireplaces and additional lamps in the future.

I planned to work on the actual wiring in my Beacon Hill today. I studied my tape wiring book and I was ready to go. I laid the first run of tapewire nice and flat, no wrinkles! and got out my junction splice so I could hook up my transformer and test the first run.

Note: Those little brads are delicate! I bent the ones on my junction splice trying to hammer it in. Did I have more than one junction splice for this possiblity? Noooo, of course not!

So much for wiring today.

I ordered more junction splices. Three. Just in case.

Time: 2 hours