Thursday, March 13, 2008

Third floor Walls

The interior walls in the third floor attic area of my Beacon Hill are in. The directions for these was a little confusing to me, so I took pictures.

Here is the first set (left hand) according to the instructions. Have to remember these instructions are like stage instructions and are left and right as looking at the FRONT of the house. These three walls slid together on long slits, then were tabbed and glued into place.

The second set (right hand) two walls went together in a similar fashion. Once I figured out what the instructions were trying to tell me to do, it was easy. These will support the mansard roof, which is one of the next steps, and then it will really start looking like a house. I think I need to get wallpaper in soon though, before I close it up any more in there.

My extra junction splices arrived today, so I can get on with the wiring, which will have to precede the wallpaper. They came from Earth and Tree Miniatures in lightning fashion, and the shipping was cheaper than anywhere else. Have a look.

Time: 2 hours

Saturday, March 8, 2008

More walls!

With the wiring on hold, I've been building instead. First I added the tower front wall to the Beacon Hill. I'm really starting to get an idea of how big this house is going to be.

Then on to some interior walls. In go the middle & back partitions for the library. These will have built in bookcases eventually, and the one closest to the back will be a swinging false door that will hide the stairway down into the dungeon.

Also added the left third floor partition wall. This wall has a closet in it. I might also make that a false bookcase to cover the closet as a secret niche. Don't know yet what I'll put in there. I guess the professor will let me know.

Time: 2 hours

A Wiring Debacle...

Okay, so much for my wiring going any easier than the stairs!

First I laid out the lines for the tapewire runs. So far all my fixtures are candle sconces, since I'm going for the Victorian look. I laid out lines six inches off the floor for all the sconces. I also laid out lines one inch off the floor for the fireplaces and additional lamps in the future.

I planned to work on the actual wiring in my Beacon Hill today. I studied my tape wiring book and I was ready to go. I laid the first run of tapewire nice and flat, no wrinkles! and got out my junction splice so I could hook up my transformer and test the first run.

Note: Those little brads are delicate! I bent the ones on my junction splice trying to hammer it in. Did I have more than one junction splice for this possiblity? Noooo, of course not!

So much for wiring today.

I ordered more junction splices. Three. Just in case.

Time: 2 hours